Selling Corpus Christi Clients Car Insurance for Mexico

You may not think that you need Mexico insurance if you already have an American insurance policy. Mexico car insurance is a great investment for anybody who regularly drives over the border, though, and this is true of many Corpus Christi drivers. More importantly, Mexican authorities are only obligated to honor Mexican insurance policies, which means that your American auto coverage may not be valid in the country at all. Luckily, Affordable Insurance of Texas offers policies that satisfy the standards of Mexico and ensures you are covered in the event of an accident, theft or other incident. Some of the other benefits a Mexican auto policy can offer include the following:
  • Coverage for physical damage incurred while in Mexico
  • Liability coverage if you are at fault for an accident
  • Coverage for medical expenses incurred while driving in Mexico
  • Roadside assistance for emergency situations
The specifics of your policy will vary, but it is nonetheless a good idea to find coverage that meets your requirements and protects you while you drive over the border. We can help you find the policy that offers what you need.

Find the Right Auto Coverage

Corpus Christi is conveniently located near the Mexican border, and if you travel between Mexico and the U.S. frequently, investing in Mexican car insurance may be a good idea. Affordable Insurance of Texas is the top Mexico insurance provider serving clients throughout the general area, and we offer options for car, motorcycle and truck insurance. We have a wide range of policies to meet the unique needs of our clients, and we can help you find the right insurance, too. For more information on the policies we offer, please reach out to us at 361-854-0207 for a quote.

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